The Wake is a new and exciting short Irish horror film set around a traditional Irish wake. The film that will be an experience to watch with strong, vivid characters, creepy, scary and suspenseful scenes and practical special effects with lots of blood! An Irish wake consists of a lot of strange and old traditions. The Wake will tell the story of an outsider brought into a world he is unfamiliar with and must survive!

A Wake is the ceremony before the funeral where family members and friends can pay their respects to the deceased. The Wake is usually held at the family home where many people will gather and lament. A Wake in Ireland has many unique traditions dating back hundreds of years. For instance curtains are drawn and a window is left open to “allow the spirit of the deceased to leave the house”. All clocks are stopped at the time of the persons death and mirrors are covered as they were seen as a portal to the underworld for the spirit. In years gone by keening would have taken place, which was a form of wailing, this act was believed to ward off evil spirits.

The Wake was not just a time for sorrow but also much merriment. Groups would get together and tell stories about the deceased and sing songs, no doubt much drink was also involved.

These are some of the aspects the film draws upon but in a much darker and sinister tone.